Woman holding a cup and looking out of a window on a snowy day
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Prevent Snow Buildup On Your Windows With This Handy Garage Staple
During a storm, you’ll want to prevent your windows from becoming covered in snow. Treating them with WD-40 is an easy way to keep them clear, no matter what the weather brings.
To keep your windows clear, generously apply WD-40 to the outside of the glass. Use a cloth for larger surface areas, in order to make best use of the product and reduce waste.
WD-40 contains water repellents, which means that snow — frozen water — can’t stick to it. Plus, it won’t freeze until temperatures fall below -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
This handy preventative measure will also save you time spent cleaning up after the storm, and the WD-40 treatment can be done months, or just days, ahead of predicted snowfall.
To remove it once the storm is over, you can try cleaning your windows with vinegar. Remember that WD-40 can harm auto glass, so don’t try this hack on your car windows.