A plant affected by spider mites
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Prevent Spider Mites In Houseplants With A Common Pantry Ingredient
Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, cinnamon not only repels but also kills spider mites, disrupting their breeding cycle and reducing the risk of future infestations.
To utilize this hack, dust the affected plant's leaves and soil with fresh cinnamon powder. Make sure to use only a light sprinkle, as too much can obstruct sunlight and airflow.
For thorough coverage, particularly on the undersides of leaves where mites tend to nest, apply a diluted mixture of cinnamon oil and olive oil with a cotton ball or
paper towel.
It is also a good practice to wash your plant periodically under a shower or kitchen faucet to dislodge mites. Then, sprinkle on some cinnamon to keep them from coming back.
While cinnamon is effective against mites, it does not kill the eggs in the soil. For comprehensive control, regularly apply neem oil to the soil to nip any risk in
the bud.