Beautiful black cat peering over plants.
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Prevent Your Cat From Ruining Your Houseplants With One Easy Addition
Cats are often drawn to houseplants due to their innate instincts and sensory stimulation. They are attracted to the dangling branches, the plant’s texture, and certain aromas.
However, their curiosity can cause substantial damage to your beloved houseplants. Luckily, you can use the unappealing taste and texture of faux moss rocks to repel them.
Faux moss rocks are artificial, decorative rocks designed to mimic the appearance of real moss-covered stones, crafted from materials like foam or resin.
Start by cleaning the area around the plant to remove any debris or loose soil. Then, place the rocks strategically around the base of each plant, ensuring the rocks cover all of the soil.
Consider arranging them in an irregular pattern to create an unstable and discouraging surface for your cats. Occasionally wipe them and remove them prior to watering your plants.
You can buy sets of faux moss rocks online from Amazon or Etsy for under $20; however, if you prefer in-person purchases, consider visiting your nearest Walmart.