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Real Estate Agents Don't Overlook This Feature When Touring A Home
While home buyers may focus on a room's layout or size when touring a home, real estate agents may zone in on smaller things like baseboards, which can signal any possible issues.
The condition of the baseboards and any present maintenance concerns can be a sign that the house hasn't been properly cared for. This could translate to other problems as well.
Baseboards are one of the first places where you'll see evidence of a leak or moisture problem. Signs of water damage include discoloration, peeling paint, buckling, and gaps.
If you see these signs, alert your inspector and try to find the source. Brand new baseboards may be covering up a water problem, so ask about recent renovations.
Water damage can lead to mold growth that may lie beneath the baseboard. It's important to know if the damage is extensive so you can negotiate with the seller.
Baseboards can also reveal a potential pest problem. You may see small holes where they meet the floor and these gaps can become entry points for pests to enter the home.
Other clues to look for are scratch marks from rodents, trails left by insects, droppings near the baseboards, dead insects, and any signs of dirt, crumbs, or other disturbances.