Two clean white towels folded over a towel bar
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Reasons A Towel Bar Might Not Be Right For Your Bathroom
In most households, the bathroom is a frequently used but compact space. To make the most of this space, avoid installing a towel bar, as it isn't as useful as you may think.
A towel bar provides easy access to towels if it’s near the sink or shower. However, the towel on the bar constantly needs to be folded and straightened to keep the bathroom tidy.
Failing to straighten the towels makes the space look messy, and if the bar is full, you might hang towels on the shower door or stack them on the floor, adding to the problem.
Towel bars are usually placed anywhere they can fit, which can lead to awkward placements that may be too close to the toilet or too far away from the shower.
Additionally, bars that aren't proportionate to the space feel awkward, mainly in small bathrooms. So, you may be better off swapping out towel bars for towel hooks or rings.