Snake plants in ceramic pots
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Repotting Large Snake Plants Is A Breeze With This Genius Ribbon Hack
The long fronds of snake plants can be top-heavy and topple over when not secured in place by the soil in the pot, leading to breakage or bending during the repotting process.
To tackle this problem, gently tie a ribbon around the fronds to keep them together and provide external support, ensuring the plant retains its structural and aesthetic integrity.
Then, lift the plant from its original pot and assess the root system, trimming any damaged or rotting roots and loosening them to encourage growth.
Position the plant in the center of a new container at least two inches larger, adjusting the height with more soil if required. Lower the plant into the soil so it stands upright.
Finally, remove the ribbon from around the fronds. You should then water the plant sparingly and place it in bright, indirect light to allow it to acclimate to its new environment.