Rusty gardening tools hanging on wall
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Repurpose Used Garden Tools In Your Home With These Brilliant Ideas
Bird Feeder
To reuse an old shovel head as a vintage bird feeder, attach it to a tree, an upright wooden plank, or a metal stand. Drill drainage holes in it, then add birdseed.
Wall Art
Create a distinctive mural by decorating a wall with an interesting arrangement of old garden tools. Paint them to suit your decor, or leave them as is for a rustic look.
Fire Pit
To turn an old wheelbarrow into a mobile fire pit, clean it and remove any jagged edges or loose parts. Add silica sand or gravel rocks, weld a grill inside, and add logs.
Farm Sign
Make a farm sign from a spade head by sanding it, painting it with white chalk paint, letting it dry, adding your chosen graphics, then finishing it with engine enamel.
Create a cascading twinkling light garden feature by cleaning and spray painting an old watering can, and threading waterproof LED string lights through its spout and nozzle.