Coiled garden hose on grass
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Repurposing Ideas That'll Create The Perfect DIY Outdoor Storage
Outdoor storage containers can be expensive to buy. Luckily, you can create perfectly good alternatives by repurposing or upcycling spare items you already have around the house.
To make a basket, wrap an old garden hose in a spiral around its end nozzle, securing it with heavy-duty plastic zip ties as you go until it’s the size you want the base to be.
Next, layer the coils upward to form the sides of the basket, and when you’ve reached the desired depth, use the remaining hose to form two loops at the top to serve as handles.
TikToker @rebeccaeubanks22 made a weatherproof storage bin from a plastic planter. She used a round piece of wood with a handle for a lid, attaching it to the planter with a hinge.
You can also upcycle empty plastic bins for storage, like laundry soap or cat litter containers. Just clean and paint them, then decorate them with fancy handles or lettering.