Stacked white PVC pipes
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Reuse Spare PVC Pipes In Your Home With These Brilliant Ideas
Animal Feeder
Create a simple feeder for chickens, pets, or livestock by closing off the edges of a PVC pipe, cutting some holes in the top, and suspending it off the ground.
Tool Storage
Cut the PVC pipe into pieces, glue them together, and then attach them to a shelf. Once finished, you can place a tool in each pipe to keep your workspace organized.
Moss Pole
Attach moss and burlap netting to a PVC pipe using a fishing line to create a moss pole that can provide support, stability, and moisture to your climbing houseplants.
Vertical Garden
If you have any extra PVC connectors lying around, you can attach them to a piece of scrap wood and fill them with soil and plants to create a hanging planter.
Drawer Organizer
Cut and sand wide PVC pipes to fit the height of your drawer, then place them inside to create organized, divided spaces for clothing items like ties or underwear.