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Rounding Up The Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers For Healthy Grass
EGO Power+
This 21-inch cordless, electric model is the best overall choice for its power, lightweight build, long battery life, quiet motor, and ability to handle all grass types.
Honda 3-In-1
Honda’s gas-powered 3-in-1 system switches between mulching, bagging, and discharging without needing any additional attachments, and per the reviews, it rarely clogs.
Other customizations include varying cut height options, speed settings, and an adjustable control paddle, which are perfect for anyone who wants a lot of control over their cut.
Like the Honda, this RYOBI mower has 3-in-1 capabilities and variable cut heights, but its electric motor makes it a much quieter option without sacrificing any power.
With a battery life of 42 minutes, this mower is best for lawns that are a ½ acre or less. It is compatible with other 40V RYOBI products, so you can swap the batteries if needed.
Toro 22-Inch
This mower has a powerful gas motor, high-traction wheels that are great for rough terrain, and Auto-Drive technology that adjusts to your speed for easy operation.
Makita 18V X2
This powerful luxury option uses a 4-bay system for the longest runtime of any battery powered mower, is durable, and has adjustable cut height and noise settings.