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Save Money On Watering Your Lawn With This Pool Noodle Hack
Garden sprinklers typically cost between $25 and $50, but by using a pool noodle from Dollar Tree, you can create your own at a quarter of the price in just 15 minutes.
To do so, you’ll need a pool noodle, duct tape, skewer sticks, scissors, and zip ties, which cost $1.25 each at Dollar Tree. Altogether, your DIY sprinkler will cost about $5.25.
To make the $5.25 pool noodle sprinkler, start by poking multiple holes on the inside of the noodle using your skewers, then use a chopstick to widen the holes.
Stuff one end with tin foil or extra foam pieces cut from another pool noodle and cover that end with duct tape. It will form a sturdy blockage to create the sprinkler effect.
Add a zip tie around the duct tape for extra security before taking your pool noodle outside, putting the garden hose in the open end, and turning it on.
Pool noodles can break down over time due to over-saturation and too much sun, so be sure to store your pool noodle sprinkler in a dark and dry space between uses for longevity.