Large window with cosy interiour and snow outside
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Save On Energy Bills With This DIY Winter Window Treatment
A significant amount of home heat energy is lost through your windows, so adding a pelmet above your drapes, like this one by @all_things_hari on TikTok, will help keep you warm.
Pelmets are painted or fabric covered structures installed above windows to conceal the top of your drapery. They help with heat loss by reducing air flow behind your curtains.
For this hack, you’ll need a ¼-inch medium-density fiberboard (MDF), cut into roughly 4-inch wide strips, long enough to cover the width of your drapery rods plus a little extra.
Paint your boards before fixing them in place. The TikTok hack uses eggshell, but you can use any finish and color that matches your aesthetic and conceals the MDF well.
Attach battens (strips of wood) to your walls or ceiling, and then screw or nail the MDF in place. Caulk any gaps or cracks, and then touch up with paint to finish.
You can also install mood lighting, or add extra cold protection with thermal insulated curtains. The results are chic, bespoke window dressings that work to keep your home warm.