A closeup of plastic bottles.
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Save Plastic Bottles For A Sustainable Greenhouse You Can DIY
An overflowing recycling bin filled with plastic bottles means you have enough bottles to string together to make a DIY greenhouse on a crafted box frame.
Use scrap planks you have on hand or solicited from friends to build the greenhouse frame. Once done, cut off the bases of the bottles and unscrew the lids.
Thread the bottles onto a pole, all facing the same way, then attach them to the frame using screws, nails, or staples, leaving the bottom open (the bottle mouths may leave gaps).
Spaces occur where the walls meet the roof, but you can close the holes with pieces of plastic cut from spare bottles screwed or hammered to the frame.
When you’re ready to install your greenhouse, anchor your frame to the wall or ground using hooks, cable ties, tent pegs, and guy lines.