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Save Valuable Space In A Small Room With These 8 Closet Door Ideas
Bifold doors take up about half the space of regular doors when open. Instead of swinging open, they fold in on themselves, taking up only a foot or two of space when open.
Sliding doors save space by opening side to side instead of swinging on a hinge, but you can only open half of your closet at a time, so you can’t store large bins in it.
Mounted on an exposed track on the wall, barn doors allow you to be able to see the whole closet when the doors are fully open. Plus, a wider range of door designs can be used.
Pocket doors are like sliding doors, except they’re concealed in the wall when open. Installation is more complex than other options, but you may prefer that they’re hidden.
The least expensive and easiest to install, accordion doors take up even less space than bifold doors, but are less popular because their folds resemble a curtain.