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Save Your Coffee Creamer Bottle To Create The Cutest Spring Garden Decor
There are lots of garden gnomes that you can buy to decorate your garden for spring, but it’s much more fun to recycle an empty coffee creamer bottle to make your own cute gnome.
You'll need some burlap, an old-school spaghetti mop head, a craft pompom, some leftover fabric, a glue gun, and an empty coffee creamer bottle like the Nestle Coffee Mate one.
Wash the bottle, remove the label, and fill it with gravel stones, soil, beads, or rice to ensure the gnome stands upright. Next, glue the burlap around the bottle up to its neck.
Then, cut off the strings of a spaghetti mop head and glue them around two-thirds of the bottle’s neck so they hang down like a floor-length beard while leaving the back open.
Next, create the gnome's nose by gluing a pompom in the middle of the string beard. For the mustache, bend three individual strings in half and glue them underneath the nose.
Lastly, make a hat from some spare bright-colored fabric (you can also use a sock with the toe part cut off). Glue it above the gnome's beard and tie the ends together at the top.