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Save Your Coffee Grounds To Make Smelly Home Odors
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Caffeine has a significant amount of nitrogen, which is what gives coffee grounds its odor-clearing power, eliminating airborne sulfur and neutralizing smelly home situations.
One of the easiest ways to employ used coffee grounds to make your home smell better is to put some in a small bowl or container, then place it on a shelf in the affected area.
Neutralize bad smells before they happen by sealing coffee grounds in small bags and placing them around the home to act as air fresheners. Replace these every few months.
To make a DIY coffee ground candle, Just Coffee Co-op says you’ll need a coffee mug, saucepan, candle wick, candle wax, super glue, a funnel, a spoon, and some used coffee grounds.
Put a drop of super glue onto the bottom of the wick, then place it in the middle of the coffee mug. While waiting for it to dry, set aside one tablespoon of used coffee grounds.
Next, melt about 12 ounces of wax in the saucepan over medium heat. Then, pour enough of the wax to coat the bottom into the mug, using a funnel to avoid unnecessary mess.
Keep the wick upright, and pour a thin layer of coffee grounds on top of the wax before adding the rest of the wax on top. Then, pour the remaining coffee grounds onto the wax.
Carefully stir it with the spoon, and let it dry for an hour. Cut the wick to the proper height, and once everything hardens, your candle is ready to use.