Detergent bottles next to stack of folded towels
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Save Your Detergent Bottle And Make Tool Clutter A Thing Of The Past
Laundry bottles are durable, lightweight, and equipped with built-in handles, making them ideal for DIYs. With a few adjustments, they can be used to store your tools or hardware.
First, cut the top off the laundry bottle at a spot that is low enough to easily access your items but high enough to keep the handle intact. Use a marker to map out where to cut.
After removing the top, just place any hand tools or hardware that you would like to store inside. Put it on a shelf for storage, and use the handle to easily transport your items.
Recreate this hack using as many bottles as needed to store what you want. Add labels to each container to keep track of what’s inside them, keeping your work shelves organized.