Wine corks piled together
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Save Your Leftover Wine Corks And Repurpose Them Around Your Home
Reduce Wobble
When the furniture is slightly unbalanced and wobbly, cut a leftover wine cork to create a sliver about the same size as the gap between the shorter leg and the floor.
Next, glue it on the shorter leg and notice that the wobble is diminished. Additionally, a cork can help to protect floors from scratching, just like other felt furniture pads.
Make Coasters
Create unique coasters using wine corks by gluing a few corks together in a row to create a simple square design, or arrange them in a pattern for a bit more flair.
If you don't want a textured surface, cut the corks in half and glue together the flat sides. The material easily absorbs drips from glasses, so it can perfectly protect the table.
Store Jewelry
Wine corks can securely hold onto small pins without being left with holes or losing their shape, so you can insert your jewelry's pin into them to store them safely.
Secure a few corks together using glue, then lay them out in an empty picture frame or fill up the bottom of a small box and stick in the posts of your earrings.
DIY Firestarters
You can DIY firestarters using wine corks that will light easily and burn for a long time. To do so, submerge the corks in rubbing alcohol first.
After a few days of soaking up this liquid, you'll be left with a ready-to-use and highly-flammable energy source. Now you can easily light your fires in most conditions.
Make Chip Clips
If you need a few chip clips in a pinch, grab a cork and a sharp knife. Place the cork on its flat end, then cut a slit down the middle until about halfway through.
Fold up the end of your chip bag, then slide the cork over the excess material using the slit you created to keep the bag securely closed.