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Say Goodbye To Wrinkled Clothes With These Folding And Storage Tips
Fashion content creator Chasing the Look shared her method for folding and storing clothes on YouTube, inspired by Marie Kondo's tips for organizing and tidying up.
The method involves laying an article of clothing upside down on the bed, folding it in sections lengthwise, then crosswise, and stacking them vertically in a drawer.
Not only is this a space-saving way of folding clothes, but it reduces wrinkles because the items are not stacked on top of each other, crushing the clothes beneath them.
While Chasing the Look uses this method for T-shirts, sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, shorts, and pants, it can be modified to work for other clothing as well.
Instead of folding articles like blouses, dresses, and skirts individually, stack them on each other and fold the sleeves to make an X. Fold the stack in half and store it.