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Sell Your Home In Record Time With David Bromstad's Staging Tip
Some houses snap up buyers much faster than others, and a lot of that has to do with staging tricks, like removing any clutter. Yet David Bromstad has an even more inventive idea.
Bromstad told Adwerx that homeowners or agents should include at least one piece of interesting art that will have folks thinking about the listing after the walk-through.
“My best advice to give real estate agents who are staging a house is to put some personality into it," he said during the interview. “[B]ring some artwork in.”
Bromstad continued, “[P]ut some personality in, because when these people are looking for houses, it's a really huge investment with them, and they need to have a moment.”
“Don't let them leave that house thinking it's boring,” warned Bromstad. All you need is one unique feature or decor accent to make the house stick in people's minds.