a deer eating berries
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Should You Use Coffee Grounds To Keep Deer Out Of Your Yard?
If you're seeking a natural method to deter deer from your yard, consider using coffee grounds. For best results, save your leftover grounds in a container or a sealed plastic bag.
Sprinkling a small amount around your plants can make a difference, especially if you're using grounds from hot coffee, which are more acidic and bitter than those from cold brew.
Thanks to their keen sense of smell, deer might interpret the aroma as a sign of human presence or find it overwhelmingly unpleasant, thus choosing to stay away from the area.
Although this theory lacks scientific backing, the hack might still be worth trying since coffee grounds also offer some nutrients to the soil and support microbial life.
However, be aware that deer may eventually become accustomed to the smell, which means coffee grounds may not offer a permanent solution for deterring these animals.