Studio product shot of a spray can of WD-40.
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Shoveling Snow Couldn’t Be Easier With A Little Help From WD-40
If you’re expecting piles of snow on your driveway or on the sidewalk in front of your apartment soon, you might want to keep a can of WD-40’s multi-purpose spray handy.
WD-40 can help ease your snow shoveling tasks if you liberally spray it on the front and back of the shovel blade. Make sure to not get any WD-40 on the handle or your gloves.
The slickness of the solution will help the excess snow easily glide off your shovel, without you having to bang the shovel on the ground to remove it.
Since your shoveled snow will have traces of WD-40 on it, make sure you discard it in the street gutter and not onto your grass, as it can potentially damage your lawn.