Land divided into house plots
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Simple Tips To Easily Find Your Home's Property Lines
Physical Markers
Property lines are often marked using wooden or metal stakes, initially placed by professional land surveyors to divide parcels of land available for purchase.
Some surveyors will also bury invisible metal pins near property boundaries when initially dividing the land, which can be found using a metal detector.
Property Deed
A property deed documents the characteristics of the property. It describes a property's potential boundaries, though not the exact measurements indicating its size.
Homeowners can access property deeds online or at their county recorder's office, but if you live in a decades- or generations-old home, the information could be outdated.
Public Records
Homeowners can see property line maps, or plats, to find their home's partitions. The plats feature the entire neighborhood's properties, giving you exact dimensions.
If you never received a property line map while purchasing your home, your local zoning department or county assessor's office should have a copy of this document.