Maggots on edge of trash can
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Simple Ways To Banish Maggots From Your Home
Remove The Source
While maggots are often found infesting trash, you should also check any areas of your home that may have old or rotting food, like the pantry, for signs of them.
After removing the source of the infestation, thoroughly clean and disinfect the site and the rest of your home
to kill any dangerous bacteria the maggots may have transferred.
Dehydrate Them
Since maggots feed on trash, throwing them out may cause more problems down the line. Instead, you can effectively kill the critters by using salt to dehydrate them.
While you can use any salt, a pourable container of table salt is the easiest, most cost-efficient option. Dump a generous amount on the maggots and watch them quickly dry out.
Use Pesticides
Once the maggots have been removed, use a combination of pesticides to ensure they stay away. This will also prevent any you may have missed from turning into flies.
Solutions Pest & Lawn recommends mixing Flex 10-10, Martin’s IG, and water in a pump sprayer before applying it to your doors, windows, and trash can to eradicate the maggots.