Assorted empty plastic containers
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Smart Ways To Give Plastic Containers New Life In Your Home And Garden
Reuse empty plastic wet wipe containers to store loose plastic grocery bags. Interlock each bag so they pull through the top hole like a chain for easy dispensing.
Store food in plastic takeout containers since they’re food safe; transparent, so you can see what’s in them; and great to give to guests. They also stack neatly.
Disposable cups, yogurt containers, and other small plastic dishes are ideal to use as starter pots for growing fresh herbs indoors. Just add soil, seeds, water, and sunshine.
Use any size plastic containers to organize clutter in your junk drawers or any other drawers in your house. Keep the lids to store loose items, and label the containers.
If you make your own natural cleaning products, you can keep them in empty plastic bottles. Use empty spray, pouring, or squeeze bottles to store liquid solutions.