Stack of dirty white dishes with a sponge on top, surrounded by suds and bubbles
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Snipping A Corner Off Of Your Kitchen Sponge Has One Major Benefit
Sponges are dependable tools that help you clean kitchen countertops, greasy dishes, and dirty appliances. To extend their life and use them for other tasks, snip a corner off.
Most kitchen sponges are composed of non-biodegradable substances, which makes them difficult to break down easily when dumped in landfills. So, it's best to repurpose them.
Simply cut a corner to distinguish it from its brethren and clearly mark it as a sponge not to be used in the kitchen. When done, store it alone to prevent bacteria transmission.
Break it out whenever you need to scrub caked-on car tires, bring the toilet bowl to a shine, clean trash cans, or perform other unpleasant tasks.