A speed square on wood with a pencil
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Speed Square Basics To Learn Before Starting Your Next Wood DIY
A carpenter's square is a right triangle with 90-, 45-, and 45-degree angles. It is probably most used as a layout tool for marking angles or hacks like scoring materials.
If things aren't lining up right, you can use its 90-degree corner to check that the board is cut at that angle. It can also verify the angle at which you are using your tools.
TikToker @woodshopdiaries marks her angles using the lines on the hypotenuse side (the longest side) that show 0 to 90-degree angles relative to the square's T-shaped edge.
With the T-edge flush against your material and the pivot point at the start of your cut, pivot the square so that the angle lines up with the edge of your workpiece and mark it.
The inner cutout within your speed square has one edge that appears serrated, which act as guides for pencils to draw circles, create parallel lines, and do other tricks.