Cabinet doors of various colors leaning against wall
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Spray Paint Cabinet Doors More Easily With This Pool Noodle Hack
While hanging cabinet doors on a clothing rack to spray paint them more easily is a genius hack in itself, you risk the doors knocking into each other and creating a massive mess.
To prevent this, use pool noodles as stoppers. Drill holes into the bottom of your doors, secure cup hooks, hang the hooks onto a hanger, and place them on the clothing rack.
Slice pool noodles into 5-inch pieces with a serrated knife (this size may vary based on how many doors you're hanging). Next, create a slit on one side of each of the pieces.
Use those slits to pop them onto the rack, placing one between each hanger as well as between the first and last hanger and the rack so the doors don't knock against the frame.
Finally, spray paint the doors as you normally would, taking the precaution of using a drop sheet under the clothing rack and finding a well-ventilated space to do the paint job.