Red-and-white checkered dish towels on wooden surface
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Spruce Up Your Kitchen With Airbnb's Easy Dish Towel Hack
If you’re looking to give your kitchen a warm and cozy ambiance, then TikTok user @allthingzairbnb can show you how — and all you need are two dish towels.
Fold the first towel in an accordion style, making sure the decorative side is facing outwards. The folds should be even, each about 2 inches wide, as this towel will form the bow.
Fold the second towel lengthwise, double the width of the first, to make the bow's center and tails. Place it vertically, and lay the first towel horizontally across its center.
With the second towel folded over, position the combined piece by tucking it between the stove's handle. Gently expand the folds of the first towel to create the look of a bow.