Grub infestation in the lawn
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Stop Grubs From Taking Over Your Lawn With These Mowing Tips
Grub worms, which come from the eggs of June beetles, eat the crown of the grass plant and attack the roots of your lawn. To deter them, let the grass grow taller.
Taller grasses have more surface area and, therefore, more opportunity to photosynthesize, which enables the plants to develop deep, healthy roots that can withstand grub attacks.
Additionally, beetles are drawn to trimmed lawns to lay eggs, as the soil is moist and warm from the sun. Cooler soil from taller blades can deter them, resulting in fewer grubs.
While mowing your lawn, set the mower to 3.25 to 4 inches high and overseed the lawn to crowd out space for the beetles to lay eggs or for the grubs to feed on roots.