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Stunning Perennials You Should Be Dividing In The Spring, Not Fall
Dividing this sturdy, drought-resistant plant in spring allows you to place its divisions throughout your garden for a lovely spread of color from late summer through autumn.
Plant this classic perennial in spring, then divide it every two to three years by cutting it at the roots, replanting the separated clump, and watering it well.
Tall Phlox
Divide these flowers as they emerge in early spring using a shovel or a garden knife. Choose an heirloom variety for height or a newer cultivar for mildew resistance.
These colorful daisy-like flowers attract pollinators, aren’t fussy about soil, and love the sun. Divide them in spring once their green shoots appear for a fall display.
Russian Sage
This gorgeous, aromatic, violet-blue plant should be pruned in the spring to encourage new growth. Its woody roots can be divided as soon as its green leaves appear.