Decorative, elegant brass lions head door knocker on an old Georgian style teal coloured panelled front door
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The 10 Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Painting Your Front Door
Wrong Color
Your door color should complement its surroundings, so it's wise to choose a dark color if the exterior of your house has a light hue or vice versa.
White In Busy Area
White may seem like a safe choice for your front door, but this is not the case if you live in a busy area, as it becomes a nightmare to keep clean.
Following the current trends is okay if you plan on painting your front door every couple of years, but it's a big mistake if you plan to keep it for a long time.
No Safety Gear
Any DIY job can go wrong if you don’t follow proper safety protocols, including painting your front door. Remove any rust, algae, mold, or moss before painting.
When removing mold and sanding down the door, wear a protective mask, gloves, and safety goggles, and keep the first two items on as you paint the door.
Leaving Bumps
Even if your door is in tip-top condition, it will still need sanding to help prepare it for painting. Skipping this step is a common cause of a bad paint job.