A cozy bathroom with a patterned tile floor, natural wood vanity, tiled backsplash, and lights mounted above circular mirrors
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The Bathroom Renovation That Could Potentially Hurt Resale Value
Renovating bathrooms is common, but certain mistakes like adding wood into the mix can diminish resale value, according to Ron Wysocarski, CEO of Wyse Home Team Realty.
Wood is porous and prone to moisture damage, leading to mold and rot. When added to bathrooms, buyers often see it as a feature needing replacement, thus reducing the home’s value.
Limiting moisture exposure is possible, but it isn’t practical. Opting for materials like quartz or ceramic mitigates moisture issues, ensuring longevity and maintaining value.
If committed to wood, place it strategically in well-ventilated areas, or employ separate exhaust fans. Utilize wood for vanity cabinets and ceiling panels away from water sources.
Despite meticulous upkeep, wood in bathrooms usually lasts 10-15 years before rot and mold set in. Assess whether the visual appeal outweighs maintenance needs and short lifespan.