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The Beautiful No-mow Grass You Should Consider For Your Lawn
If you’re tired of the ceaseless cycle of watering, mowing, and fertilizing your lawn, consider establishing a low-maintenance dichondra lawn.
You can either sow seeds in well-prepared soil, ideally from spring to early fall, or spread dichondra stem cuttings, securing a four-inch gap between each for optimal growth.
Dichondra has an aesthetically pleasing leaf shape and the ability to thrive year-round. It requires shearing but only occasionally, when it grows above two inches.
Dichondra is also remarkably drought-tolerant. However, it is important to allow the soil to dry thoroughly between watering sessions to avoid damaging the plant.
While it will need annual fertilization, the dichondra ground cover will graciously perform even on low-fertilized soils. It can effectively combat soil erosion too.
Through its sprawling root system, dichondra can easily resist the forces of wind and surface runoffs, quickly transforming barren areas into lush green patches.