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The Benefits Of Adding A Granny Flat To Your Property
A granny flat is a little house next to a larger home, often used by aging family members. It can be attached or detached from the main home, but it always has its own entrance.
Unlike a guest room, a granny flat must have a sleeping and living area, a bathroom, and a kitchen. This gives the occupants plenty of independence.
Buying a new home is an obstacle for many, but granny flats are relatively affordable, and they’re a great way to add valuable space to your property.
A granny flat will give your relatives true independence, while still having easy access to the main house. These units can also cut back on elder care costs.
Even if the granny flat isn’t used for elderly relatives, it is still an incredible accommodation for other traveling family members.
You can always rent out the granny flat when it’s not in use by family members. Just make sure it is safe and livable, with the appliances, plumbing, and heating in good shape.