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The Benefits Of Adding Pine-Sol To Your Load Of Laundry
To give your load of laundry the best clean and a long-lasting fresh scent, add Pine-Sol in addition to your normal laundry detergent for boosted cleaning power.
This is due to Pine-Sol’s antibacterial powers, which can clean stuck-on stains (especially grease), reduce bad smells, and offer a boost of freshness without using extra products.
The process is simple: toss your clothes in the washing machine, add your detergent, and pour in about half a cup of Pine-Sol, though you can cater this amount to your preference.
Half a cup of Pine-Sol equals about 4 fluid ounces, which means you can wash anywhere from six to 25 loads of laundry with a single bottle, depending on the size.
Pine-Sol is a bit more harsh than typical detergents, so it should only be used on clothing material that can take it, like cotton, and not delicates, like silk or satin.