A bird sitting on a bird bath during winter.
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The Benefits Of Dropping A Tennis Ball In Your Bird Bath During Winter
Since most water sources freeze during winter, finding water can be challenging for the birds. To prevent your bird bath from freezing, place a tennis ball on the water’s surface.
Before placing the ball, break and pull out any ice that has already formed. When the wind blows, the ball will float in the bath, halting ice formation and breaking thin ice.
However, this trick will not break thick ice, so check often and remove any small pieces of ice if required. Replace the ball once it starts looking dirty or begins breaking.
Unlike other anti-freezing options like glycerin or chemicals, a tennis ball poses no threat to the birds. Additionally, its vibrant yellow color will help birds locate the bath.
Extremely easy to execute, this hack is also more economical than installing heated bird baths, which can cost up to $30 and raise electricity bills.