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The Benefits Of Placing Citrus Peels Near Your
Bird Feeder
A common challenge that arises for bird enthusiasts is the presence of cats near bird feeders. Luckily, citrus peels can stop your garden from becoming a hunting ground for cats.
This hack works because citrus fruits release a fragrant bouquet that is delightful to human senses but overwhelming to cats’ sniffers, thereby serving as a natural deterrent.
After indulging in citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, or grapefruits, simply collect the peels and let them air-dry for a day or two. Refresh the peels often to maintain potency.
The drying process concentrates the citrusy aroma that cats find unpleasant. Once dried, place the peels around the base of your bird feeder, creating a natural barrier.
Embracing this approach also aligns with eco-friendly practices, offering a harmonious solution that shouldn't harm cats, any other animals, or
the environment.
However, Wag! says that citrus fruits are toxic to cats if ingested. Therefore, you may want to watch your outdoor pets or strays to ensure they don't eat the peels.
It’s also important to note that this trick may not be effective on every cat, so you may want to elevate your feeder or use other methods to keep cats away from your birds.