A laundry room with two washing machines.
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The Benefits Of Removing Your Laundry Room Door
Ditching the laundry room door allows better accessibility, ventilation, and functionality. It makes the room more convenient to go in and out of, especially if the room is small.
Expert organizer and decorator Darla DeMorrow told Realtor, "Many laundry rooms are made even smaller by doors that don't open all the way, so remove them to free up your nook."
The area that gets covered by the open door becomes hard to reach and turns into a catch-all place for random items, but removing the door makes the space available and open.
Moreover, ditching the door will result in better airflow and ventilation. Hence, it can be beneficial to laundry rooms that typically get hot and stuffy when the machines run.
If the door can’t close properly with the machines or impairs the machines’ functionality — by blocking the detergent dispenser, for example — removing the door can be an easy fix.
It will also help you check in on your laundry without having to open a door. You may be skeptical about exposing your appliances for all to see, but that shouldn’t be a concern.
Per Darla DeMorrow, modern laundry machines are typically aesthetically pleasing and won't be unsightly. Your machines will act as accessories and support the rest of the decor.
Removing the doors will open up the space and create a flow between the laundry room and its surroundings. This also reclaims the visual space that they take up.