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The Benefits Of Shrinking Your Backyard Lawn
The lawn-shrinking trend involves replacing the traditional idea of a beautiful yard with things like fruits and vegetables, native trees and plants, and perennials and shrubs.
This trend results in less time you have to spend on your yard and offers other benefits like growing your own food and helping to restore the delicate balance to nature.
A gas-powered mower emits as much pollution as 11 cars per hour of use, while a riding lawnmower equals 34 cars. Planting a garden or flowers instead is better for the environment.
With a smaller lawn, you can provide essential forage plants and a habitat for many insects that are in your area and might be near extinction. Agriculture depends on pollinators.
Plants create and preserve biodiversity and keep the ecosystem balanced — reducing pollution, preventing rainwater runoff, holding moisture, and enhancing groundwater purification.
Once established, these lawns require no fertilizer or pesticides and need less maintenance, which will mean less work, time, and money spent caring for your yard.
These kinds of changes are beneficial for vegetables and are less troublesome. This lawn-shrinking trend is a win-win for both you and the environment.