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The Best Method For Removing Rose Suckers From Your Rose Bush
Roses are prone to growing suckers, which gardeners commonly remove to redirect the plant's resources toward the desired growth and to maintain the quality and health of the bush.
Suckers are vigorous, weedy offshoots or sprouts that grow from the underground portion of the rose bush and can drain the life from the rest of the plant.
Suckers on rose plants should be removed as soon as you identify them. First, locate the sucker at the base of the plant where it emerges from either the roots or the rootstock.
Use a sharp knife or pruner to make a clean cut as close to the rootstock or roots as possible. Be careful not to damage the main plant or prick yourself on thorns in the process.
After removal, get rid of the suckers either by disposing or composting them to prevent them from regrowing. Regularly inspect the rose plant and repeat the process as necessary.