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The Best Place To Live If You're Moving To Oregon
With a mix of mountains, beaches, forests, canyons, and even a desert, Oregon is a land full of beautiful residential cities, but Corvallis is one of the best.
Corvallis, meaning 'heart of the valley,' was praised by INTO international study specialists as one of the top college towns, highlighting its safety and green initiatives.
The city offers free bus services and Active Travel Corridors to promote vehicle-less transportation and has a growing reputation as an agricultural goldmine.
Corvallis boasts a strong educational foundation and was voted the second-most educated city by SmartAsset. Its schools received an A- grade from Niche and an A+ for college prep.
According to Neighborhood Scout, you are 50% less likely to experience violent crime in Corvallis than elsewhere in Oregon.
When it comes to leisure, the city offers 47 public parks, a splendid rose garden, and activities including boating, kayaking, and fishing, as well as a 62-mile trek for hiking.
Corvallis is home to numerous natural diversions and American Dream Pizza, where President Obama dined during his campaign. As an added perk, shopping in Oregon is tax-free.