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The Best Retractable Awning Options To Shade Your Backyard With
An adjustable awning is an easy way to make your backyard more relaxing and offers flexibility when you want full sun, but picking the right one can be quite confusing.
The frontrunner in the different types of retractable awning options is the folding lateral arm. The arms make it easy for these awnings to extend horizontally and offer coverage.
When retracted, the awning rests within a built-in cover, making it resistant to inclement weather. You can also choose between motorized and manual versions.
A semi-cassette awning is similar to a lateral arm, but it folds over itself when retracted. The full-cassette version requires hinge-supported arms placed within it when not used.
Drop-down awnings or solar shades are best if your semi-enclosed patio experiences hot weather. You can control the amount of sunlight entering your backyard with a remote.
Drop arm or side awnings are another good option. They give you more control over the coverage area and are incredibly durable. They can be retracted manually or via a motor.
If you're looking for an awning to provide some extra shade to your pergola, use a pergola retractable awning. These drop covers are designed to go over your backyard feature.