A plant of spotted spurge in the garden
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The Best Way To Get Rid
Of Invasive Spurge Weed In Your Yard
Spotted spurge weeds can be killed by using a weed-killing liquid chemical or herbicide granules, pulling it by hand, or aerating
your lawn.
If you're using a weed killer spray, do so as soon as you notice it. It's better to spray it as early as possible, as it can start producing seeds only five weeks post-germination.
Treatment with liquid chemicals is a good idea only if you have a few weeds or can spray the chemical and spot-treat the spurge without harming other plants.
If facing an infestation of spurge, apply post-emergent herbicide sprays that are safe to use around grass. However, ensure to read and follow the usage directions.
Once you eliminate the weed, use the herbicide granules in the weed and feed regularly throughout the year to create a healthy field of grass that prevents spurge from reappearing.
If you don't want to use herbicides and chemicals, try to pull the spurge by hand, which is easier when the weeds are small, since they can break when they’re big and grow back.
Follow the stem from the end back toward the plant's center, where the taproot is, and pull it out. Be careful with any sea pods you
find, as a single plant has thousands of seeds.
You can also try aerating the soil of the sections where the weed has taken over. Since it grows well in compacted soil, aerating the soil can loosen it
and weaken the weed.