Male Rufous Hummingbird perched and showing off his beautiful gorget
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The Boozy-Sounding Plant Hummingbirds Can't Get Enough Of
Hummingbirds rely on the sugar from nectar to give them energy. To keep them coming back during the sparse winter months, plant colorful, sweet Salvia Tequila in your garden.
The “Tequila” cultivar has fiery red blooms that attract pollinators and provide a much-needed food source for hummingbirds since the plants bloom in late winter in zones 9-11.
Unlike other salvias, Salvia Tequila thrives in dappled sunlight and can grow up to 9 feet tall. It makes a great backdrop in a pollinator garden and fits nicely under tall trees.
Although most hummingbirds migrate south in the winter, they will need to stop for food along the way — plus, if you live somewhere with a mild winter, you may see them year-round.