Different swatches of vinyl flooring.
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The Budget-Friendly Fix For Your Damaged Vinyl Flooring
You can handle minor repairs on your vinyl floor without professional assistance. If only a small section is damaged, you’ll need to replace that specific area of vinyl.
Simply get some identical vinyl floor material and use a utility knife to cut out a square panel that’s large enough to cover the chipped area.
Next, using the utility knife, trace the cutout panel over the chipped section. This will remove the entire section around the chip so it aligns precisely with the new vinyl.
Then, apply an adhesive of your choice to the exposed area of the floor. Put your new vinyl in place, applying gentle pressure so the panel makes full contact with the glue.
Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away any excess glue seeping out of the borders. For a wood-style vinyl floor, you can make the panel the same width as the faux wooden plank.