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The Chic Drink Storage DIY You Can Make Out Of Wood
Maximizing your storage space is tasking enough, so utilizing your wall area is an ingenious move. Mount this unique and stylish storage box on your wall to hold your drinks.
This DIY is really a giant rectangle with a diagonal slash through the middle. To make a 4-feet-by-3-feet box, you’ll need a 2-by-4, a 2-by-6, a screwdriver, screws, and varnish.
Cut the 2-by-4 into two 4-foot pieces for the sides and the 2-by-6 into two 3-foot pieces for the top and bottom. Next, cut a 5-foot piece from the 2-by-4 to use as the diagonal.
To secure the diagonal inside the drink storage box, cut off the ends of the 5-footer at an angle. For the finishing touches, stain or varnish the box, and hang it on the wall.