Purple lavender stalks against green background
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The Colorful Flower That Loves Being Near Lavender In Your Garden
Tall lavender pairs beautifully with the colorful varieties of coneflowers to entice powerful pollinators to your garden, creating a rich landscape that’s easy to care for.
Both thrive with basic care, full sun, sandy soil, and the occasional deadheading. Coneflowers need around an inch of water per week, while lavender only requires water when dry.
Coneflowers come in a variety of hues that complement lavender’s blues and purples. Choose deep pink, fiery orange, or sunny yellow to create a stunning contrast in your garden.
Each plant’s sweet scent and nectar-rich blooms attract a variety of pollinators, like honeybees and hummingbirds, while simultaneously deterring pests and animals, such as deer.