Modern kitchen design with central island of white composite Corian
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The Common Kitchen Feature HGTV's Hilary Farr Warns Against
Kitchen islands bring many benefits, such as extra countertop space and a relaxed eating area, but HGTV's Hilary Farr says you should never include a sink in your design.
In an interview with, Farr explains, "[W]hen I design a kitchen, I [...] make sure there is no sink in the island." She says it isn’t what guests want to look at.
Including a sink occupies valuable space on an island’s countertop, and its pipework will restrict your underneath storage options. Plus, it will be a magnet for mess and clutter.
Farr’s own kitchen sink is against the wall, echoing its traditional position under a window so that you could watch goings on outside or enjoy the view while washing dishes.
Sinks aside, you'll want to prioritize storage space underneath so that it's easy to keep countertops clear, and you could even include a microwave drawer or a wine fridge.
Seating is a must-have feature so that your island doubles as an informal dining area, and you might even splash out on a two-tiered version to make things even more comfortable.