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The Correct Order To Paint A Room According To HGTV's Mike Holmes
Whether you’re refreshing your walls or trying a new color, Mike Holmes, star of multiple HGTV home improvement shows, advises how to tackle the job in the most efficient way.
Holmes recommends following the same process that pros do when painting, saying, "Start with the baseboards and trim, then do the ceiling, then do the walls last."
Preparing the walls is essential, starting with washing them if needed. Then, fill in nail holes and seal around baseboards, outlet covers, and ceiling corners with painter's tape.
Holmes says it's easier to start with smaller details, like baseboards, before doing ceilings and walls. Paint the ceiling before the walls so drips can be painted over later.
Once you’ve completed the laborious, detailed items, "[P]roperly tape them off to protect them when you tackle the larger part of the project," explains Holmes.
Holmes strongly advises applying the painter's tape; otherwise, he says you’ll need "a steady hand [...] [and] a rag on hand to immediately wipe up any droplets or mistakes."
When you finally start painting your walls, Holmes recommends using a roller brush and working from the top of the wall to the bottom so you can smooth out any potential drips.
Most interior paints need two coats to achieve the perfect color and finish, but let the first coat dry thoroughly before adding the second one, or you could end up with streaks.